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The more you look the more you see!


These illustrated prints depict an accurate, quirky and amusing view of special architecture and landscapes in Scotland and English cityscapes. There are 18 titles in the range and they are all signed.

UK orders prints are available framed or unframed.

Overseas orders Glass is tricky to send long distance so consequently I can only send unframed prints overseas. 

Click on 'Print options' for either UK or Overseas ordering. All prices include shipping.

Click on Print options to choose framed or unframed prints. (Unfortunately I NO LONGER SHIP TO EUROPE- due to post Brexit customs fees and increased administration)

I am often asked ‘what is it made from?’

The answer is scraperboard or scratchboard. It starts out life as a black board which is made up of a thin layer of white China clay which, is coated with black Indian ink. I scrape through the black layer to create the image.

To start with I visit the location where I spend a long time looking, drawing and photographing, observing both the buildings, environment and people.

The process of gathering stories and people watching as I research feeds my inquisitiveness and nosiness. 

Back in my studio, working with all of the reference material I draw the layout on tracing paper- in my wibbly wobbly way!

I start scraping in the buildings first and then the people and slowly the narrative evolves. I hope the viewer looks at the finished illustration the way it has been created~ the buildings are seen first and gradually the details and stories appear….. the more you look the more you see!! Look out for Angus the west highland terrier he is in all but one of the prints.

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